Girl with cerebral palsy settles case for €6m

A seven-year-old girl with cerebral palsy who had sued over the circumstances of her birth at a Galway hospital has settled her High Court action for €6m. Faye Walsh, Mr Justice Kevin Cross was told, has spastic quadriplegia, is non-verbal and can only communicate with her family by making noises and smiling. She is a [...]

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Woman who was given incorrect test result now seriously ill

A 52-year-old woman who claims she was given the incorrect result for a breast cancer gene test eight years ago is now seriously ill with ovarian cancer, the High Court has heard. It is claimed the report from the testing laboratory showed a pathogenic change of the BRCA 1 gene, but in a letter sent [...]

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N7 workers who were treated “appallingly” by employers awarded more than €1m

The High Court has awarded more than €1m damages and interest to a group of Portuguese workers who claimed they lived in “terrible conditions” at a “work camp” provided by his former employers when they were building a section of the N7 motorway in 2007 and 2008. The award was made by Justice Carmel Stewart who said [...]

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High Court awards man €66k for fall at work

A man who suffered injuries to his shoulder, hip and knee after he tripped at the entrance of where he worked has been awarded over €66,000 in damages by the High Court. The award was made by Mr Justice Denis McDonald in favour of Mr Colie Conneely, who the judge said suffered "a very nasty [...]

€5.9m settlement for man who lost sight due to Medical Negligence

The High Court has approved a settlement of €5.9m in the case of a man who went blind because of mistakes in his medical treatment. Brendan Doyle, 49, had a mild disability since his birth but had lived almost independently with some supports. However in June 2011 a shunt to drain fluid from his brain became [...]

High Court awards factory worker more than €220k for fall while trying to free trapped bin

A factory operative who suffered a severe ankle injury when he fell to the ground as he tried to free a trapped bin has been awarded over €220,000 by the High Court. Tomasz Zdejszy fell from a height of about two metres to the ground landing on his right foot in the accident six years [...]

Family of boy with cerebral palsy awarded €9 million by High Court

A 7-year old boy with cerebral palsy who sued over the circumstances of his birth at Cavan General Hospital has settled his High Court action for €9.1Million. Jarrah Folkman can't talk or walk and his mother today told the High Court she will never hear her son's voice. Elysha McCrudden said the settlement will go [...]

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Garda awarded €8,000 after false claims on internet

A garda sergeant, who was for several years harassed and intimidated by false claims posted about him on the internet, was awarded €8,000 damages at a garda compensation hearing in the High Court on Monday. Mr Justice Michael Twomey said the damages related to personal injuries suffered by Sgt Conor Gilmartin as a result of the internet posts and were not [...]

Thalidomide group welcomes right to discover State documents in ‘mother of all battles’

The High Court has adjourned several claims for compensation over the use of the drug Thalidomide to a date in November for further case management. Twenty-six cases are being brought against the manufacturers  of the drug German firm Grünenthal GmbH, the Irish distributors TP Whelehan Son & Co, and the Ministers for Health and Environment. Launched as [...]

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