Preparation of Wills and Trusts for Families with children with disabilities

Disability Services

Over the last number of decades, Sean O’Brien has acted on behalf of a number of organisations representing the needs of families of children with disabilities.  Over that time, Sean has advised countless families in the preparation of Wills and Trusts for the benefit of their children with disabilities.  In particular, Sean has provided reassuring advice to those in circumstances where they wish to make adequate provision for their disabled children while also being fair to their more able-bodied family.   Sean is acutely aware of the worries of parents in a situation whereby they struggle to provide stability for their vulnerable young children and, in particular, can help people as best as he can to answer the question “what happens when we are no longer around”?

If you wish to schedule a preliminary appointment to discuss any of these issues with Sean, please do not hesitate to contact him by any of the usual methods through this website.