Victims of Crime

We often come into contact with people who are the victims of crime.  It would seem to us that it can be particularly difficult for victims of crime to obtain adequate recognition before the courts and, indeed, receive proper compensation.

If you have been the victim of a crime,  i.e a vicious assault, which had left you seriously injured, you are limited in the  avenues open to you when claiming compensation at present.

However, at O’Brien Ronayne, we are aware that certain EU proposals may change this and allow for proper and reasonable recompense to be obtained by the victims of crime.

The Victims Charter and Guide to the Criminal Justice System describes the criminal justice system from a crime victim’s point of view. It sets out your rights and entitlements to the services given by the various state agencies working with crime victims.

“A ‘victim’ means a natural person who has suffered harm, including physical or mental injury, emotional suffering or economic loss, directly caused by acts or omissions that are in violation of the criminal law of a Member State.” – EU Framework Decision on the Standing of Victims in Criminal Proceedings (2001).

The Victims Charter

If you feel you maybe a victim of crime and wish to discuss your situation, please contact us by clicking below.