Motor, Car and Road Traffic Accident Claims

Unfortunately road traffic accident claim and car crashes are the most common cause of personal injury claims. Did you know that if you have been injured in an accident caused by somebody else, you have a right to claim?
Road Traffic Accident Claims

You can claim compensation for your injuries and also for damage to your car, hospital and doctor’s fees, loss of earnings and any other reasonable expenses.

At O’Brien Ronayne we treat all accident claims equally seriously. Our experience ranges from dealing with whiplash and other similar type injuries, to cases of a more serious nature, such as back and neck injuries and catastrophic spinal injury.

Things you should do and not do after a Road Traffic Accident

The public in general think that the cars involved in a road traffic accident must not be moved until the Gardaí have arrived at the scene but depending on the type of accident this is very often unnecessary and only serves to hold up traffic.

If there is an traffic accident in which there are no obvious injuries at the time, calling the Gardaí and informing them will often result in the Gardai indicating that they will not call out to the scene as there is a general policy by the Gardaí to let the drivers sort it out themselves. If there is a serious injury from the accident and an ambulance is called, the Gardai will almost always attend the scene and may caution one or both drivers and will take statements from various people involved and forward these to the Director of Public Prosecution to decide whether or not to prosecut either or both drivers.

Things to DO after a road traffic accident

Road Traffic Accident Claims

Get Registration Numbers

Perhaps the most important piece of information that is required is to get the registration number of the other vehicle. People often take insurance details from the other driver only to discover later that the other divers insurance was faulty or that there was in fact no insurance on the vehicle at the time of the accident. This could mean that your solicitor will have to become involved with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MiBi) who deal with uninsured drivers. The most important piece of information for the MiBi is the registration number, as this can assist them in completing their investigations.

Things NOT to DO after a road traffic accident

Don’t admit liability

It is very often a condition of your insurance policy not to admit liability at the scene following an accident. It is better for all sides concerned that liability should not be admitted at the accident scene. If the Gardai are called to the scene of the accident and you are asked to explain what happened, simply explain what happened to the Gardaí.
It is better for all sides concerned that liability is not admitted at the scene of the accident.
Even if one party is blatantly at fault one should politely assist the other driver, exchange particulars and indicate to the other driver that you will report the matter to your insurance company as soon as possible.
If one admits liability at the scene it is not conclusive that one is going to be held to blame subsequently.

Don’t leave the scene of the accident

If there is an injury and the Gardaí are being called you should remain at the scene of the accident until they arrive. Do not leave the scene of the accident until both parties have exchanged particulars. If you encounter an irate driver who insists that the cars remain in their position until the Gardai arrive, one should ascertain whether or not the Gardai are going to attend out or not. If they are not, firmly and politely state to the other driver that you have fulfilled your obligations and that you will be reporting the matter to the Gardaí yourself.

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Get Insurance Details

Get insurance details which can be read from the disc on the windscreen. Drivers should always exchange insurance details with the other.

Report all accidents to the Gardaí

Always report the accident to the Gardaí. If the Gardai do not attend at the scene of the accident, go to the nearest Garda station and ask them to take the details of the accident. This could be important later on if the other party denies that the accident ever occurred or if they were uninsured. There is a book in every Garda station which records details of road traffic accidents and you should get the Garda on the desk to note all details in your presence. Simply give name, address, registration of car and insurance details of both parties.

The best way to avoid accidents is to drive safely. Also governments around the world are now investigating new forms of road technology that could potentially lead to less accidents