Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Sean O’Brien is an accredited CEDR Commercial Mediator.  He has represented clients and acted as Mediator in a number of commercial disputes, including disputes referred specifically to mediation by Order of the High Court.

Mediation and Dispute Resolution is a form of alternative dispute resolution which the courts rely on increasingly in this day and age.  It is, as its essence, a cost effective way whereby the parties themselves can become actively involved in the resolution of their dispute.  It is not lawyer centred as litigation often can be and it is a particularly flexible form of dispute resolution which, at it’s core, aims to resolve the dispute between the parties, repair their relationship and proceed without the worry, upset and costs of ongoing litigation.

What are the Key Qualities of any Mediation and Dispute Resolution Service:

    • Impartiality, Neutrality and Balance:
      no favour or bias is given to any party.
  • Voluntary, Non-judgemental and non-directive :
    The decision making process of any mediation and dispute resolution process is undertaken by both parties and both parties involved are encouraged to listen to each other, and work to try to achieve the best possible agreement. During the process nothing can be imposed on eith party.
  • Experts’ Involvement :
    All parties always retain decision-making power. Legal, financial or other experts may be retained and referred to during the mediation process.
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