International Legal Services

At O’Brien Ronayne, we deal with clients from all over the world in relation to legal services in Ireland. Our international clients are normally Irish emigrants who contact us in connection with loss of loved ones in Ireland, Irish emigrants returning home and individuals who are involved in family law cases in Ireland e.g. we receive many queries where people need advice on how to finalise the estate of a loved one in Ireland when they are based abroad. In addition, we can help people establish their entitlement to a share in an individual estate in Ireland, even when they are based abroad.

Of course, our international services are not confined to Irish people based abroad.

You will be surprised how often we deal with foreign based individuals who, for example, suffered an injury whilst in Ireland. Sean O’Brien has a wealth of experience in dealing with such clients. We are used to dealing with clients based abroad and, in such circumstances, we can provide reassuring advice to individuals and assist them both while in Ireland and after they return to their home country.

International Family Law Services are an increasing part of the advice we provide. Ireland has, over the last number of decades become an increasingly popular destination for immigrants from Europe and other parts of the world. Indeed, the history of Ireland has turned from one of emigration to immigration in more recent times.
In recent years, we have, especially in family law, begin to represent both Irish based foreign nationals in family law matters concerning partners/spouses who are based abroad and foreign based individuals in circumstances where family law proceedings have been initiated against them in Ireland. Again, we provide a reassuring presence in Ireland for individuals involved in such matters. Consultations can take place through Zoom or Skype or indeed over the telephone.

No matter where you come from, you will be happy to know that we speak your language.

A suite of legal advice products to help somebody coming back to Ireland