Girl with cerebral palsy settles case for €6m

A seven-year-old girl with cerebral palsy who had sued over the circumstances of her birth at a Galway hospital has settled her High Court action for €6m. Faye Walsh, Mr Justice Kevin Cross was told, has spastic quadriplegia, is non-verbal and can only communicate with her family by making noises and smiling. She is a [...]

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€11m settlement for woman with cerebral palsy

An young woman has received a settlement of €11m at the High Court as a result of the circumstances surrounding her birth at the Erinville Hospital in Cork. Margaret is almost 19 years old and is described as "smiley and affectionate", but she has severe cerebral palsy, requires 24-hour care, cannot walk and is non-verbal. [...]

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Woman who was given incorrect test result now seriously ill

A 52-year-old woman who claims she was given the incorrect result for a breast cancer gene test eight years ago is now seriously ill with ovarian cancer, the High Court has heard. It is claimed the report from the testing laboratory showed a pathogenic change of the BRCA 1 gene, but in a letter sent [...]

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Husband and son awarded €650,000 for shock after mum died following C-section

The husband and son of a woman who died at the National Maternity Hospital hours after undergoing an emergency Caesarean section to deliver her baby have settled for €650,000 their High Court action for nervous shock. Nora Hyland (31) a Malaysian woman who was living at Charlotte Quay in Dublin 4 at the time, died [...]

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Hospital apologises to couple whose baby daughters died for issuing incorrect genetic report

Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin, has apologised to a couple for the shortcomings in care provided to them and that an incorrect genetic report was issued to them. The couple sued in the High Court for nervous shock in the case which centred on genetic screening and chromosomal abnormalities involving two of their children. In [...]

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Baby died after contracting cold sore virus – inquest

A 12-day-old girl died after contracting the common cold sore virus in hospital days after birth. Eibhlín Wills acquired the infection in the first five days of her life, an inquest into her death heard. Blood tests showed no sign of the infection three days after birth but the infection was present in samples taken [...]

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Family receive €12,500 settlement after ‘medical debris’ left in infant’s throat following surgery

The family of a young boy who was left with medical debris in his throat following a surgery have received €12,500 in compensation. Jill Crawford told the court in an affidavit how her baby had gagged and retched at home as he tried to breathe through thick mucus saliva. “He was so unwell that our [...]

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Girl, 14, who claims she suffered shoulder injury at birth settles case for €425,000

A 14-year old girl who claimed she suffered a severe shoulder injury at birth has settled her High Court action for €425,000. Amy Hutchinson the High Court heard has difficulty riding a bicycle and a problem carrying her schoolbag as a result of the the injury to her right shoulder and arm. Amy Hutchinson Mullaharlin [...]

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Family of boy with cerebral palsy awarded €9 million by High Court

A 7-year old boy with cerebral palsy who sued over the circumstances of his birth at Cavan General Hospital has settled his High Court action for €9.1Million. Jarrah Folkman can't talk or walk and his mother today told the High Court she will never hear her son's voice. Elysha McCrudden said the settlement will go [...]

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Elderly Irish woman, 91, died after being scalded by tea

An elderly woman developed sepsis after she was scalded by tea spilled on her lap while out to lunch. Daphne Anderson, 91, died after she sustained third degree burns over 6% of her body but didn’t immediately report it. An inquest into her death, previously adjourned after the woman’s daughter called for the exhumation of [...]

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