The High Court has approved a settlement of €5.9m in the case of a man who went blind because of mistakes in his medical treatment.

Brendan Doyle, 49, had a mild disability since his birth but had lived almost independently with some supports.

However in June 2011 a shunt to drain fluid from his brain became infected and was removed at Beaumont Hospital.

He was discharged home without the shunt being replaced.

As a result, his condition deteriorated and he lost his sight.

His lawyers told the High court the tragic consequences of the error was that he is now totally blind.

They said Mr Doyle had been able to cope reasonably well with his pre-existing disabilities but this was “the final straw”.

He had to move out of his accommodation and live in a nursing home which he dislikes intensely, they said.

His family said that while living in the nursing home he could not receive proper rehabilitation and support and lost his independence.

They criticised what they said was a six-and-a-half year delay in the hospital admitting liability.

They said today’s settlement will enable Mr Doyle to have a specially adapted home and the one-to-one support he needs.

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Source: RTE