A bombshell video which Johnny Depp’s lawyers say shows Amber Heard “assaulted” her sister was played to the High Court, as the Hollywood’s star’s blockbuster libel case against The Sun entered its final stages.

Ms Heard’s sister Whitney Henriquez was questioned on Friday over a video Mr Depp’s lawyers said was sent by an “anonymous source” on Thursday night, after Ms Henriquez gave evidence that her sister had never attacked her.

In a dramatic development on day 14 of the trial, the Hollywood star’s legal team claimed the video demonstrates Ms Henriquez was “lying” in her evidence and had “tailored” her testimony “to meet her sister’s evidence”.

The footage shows Ms Henriquez during the filming of a reality TV show, poolside with friends, with one person heard to say “did you get in a fight?” and then “I can’t believe Amber beat your ass”.