Renowned musician Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin dies aged 67

Renowned musician, composer and academic, Professor Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin, has died aged 67. In a statement, the university said: "[Mícheál] Ó Súilleabháin left a rich legacy through his own music, as well as the academy he founded which attracted students from over 50 countries." He was celebrated for his fusion of Irish traditional and classical [...]

Farmer’s will worth €12.5 million recently lodged

A farmer’s will worth more than €12.5 million was recently lodged in the Probate Office in Dublin. Arthur Coldrick, a retired farmer of Athlumney, Navan, Co. Meath, who died on February 25, 2017, has left €12,550,737 in his will. Trevor FitzHerbert, Rockfield House, Rockfield, Kells, Co. Meath, and formerly of Blackcastle, Navan, Co. Meath, died on August [...]

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Deceased rapper Mac Miller was 26 and had a will — similar to that of Michael Jackson

Mac Miller, a 26-year-old American rapper and music producer who died Sept. 7 in California, had a will, and its contents are similar to those of musical phenom Michael Jackson. The fact that Mr. Miller even had a will may surprise some financial advisers, given Mr. Miller's youth. Other famous, much older musicians — Aretha Franklin and Prince, [...]

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Elderly woman needs to benefit urgently from estranged husband’s estate

A solicitor can go ahead with administering the estate of a deceased man for the benefit of his estranged wife, who is aged in her nineties and has dementia, the Court of Appeal has ruled. While the husband left just €1,000 in his will to his estranged wife - a ward of court - she [...]

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Prince’s Paisley Park will open its doors to fans

Paisley Park – Prince’s 65,000 square foot compound outside of Minneapolis – is becoming a museum. In October, guests will be able to tour through his recording studios, video-editing rooms, rehearsal rooms and the performance hall. They’ll also get glimpses of more personal items: his wardrobe, dozens of instruments, motorcycles, artwork and rare music. “It [...]

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Half of Prince’s Estate Will Go to Taxman 

Because Prince died intestate (i.e., without a will), nearly half of his assets could go to Taxes At a June 7th hearing this year, Douglas Peterson, attorney for Bremer Trust, said the special administrator has a duty to maximize the value of Prince's estate and that any delay in entering negotiations would interfere with its [...]

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Where there’s no will, there’s still a way to find heirs to estates

The work of a probate genealogist, for those who haven’t seen the programme, involves tracing missing or unknown beneficiaries to a person’s estate when that person has died intestate, without making a will. Padraic Grennan, business development manager with the company, says that although there is much overlap in cases in the UK and Ireland, [...]

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Millionaire’s daughters to inherit fortune but his will has terms and conditions

A multi millionaire New York property mogul has dictated the terms of his will from beyond the grave seeing his daughters hit with stringent rules in order to inherit his wealth Maurice Laboz, who died earlier this year, decided daughters, Marlena, 21, and Victoria, 17 - would inherit $10million (£6.43 million) each when they turn [...]

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