Personal injury lawyers target Snapchat as reason for potential car crash

Personal injury lawyers have been asking people if they've been in a car accident that may have involved Snapchat. Attorneys have set up websites to explain local laws on distracted driving, sent out press releases about Snapchat's potential involvement in certain accidents, and written blog posts about the dangers of the app. At issue are [...]

Aga Khan divorces German princess after dispute

The Aga Khan, spiritual leader to millions of Muslims, has finalized his divorce from a German princess after years of legal dispute. Lawyers for the Aga Khan and his ex-wife, Gabriele Renate Inaara Zu Leiningen, released a statement Friday saying their marriage ‘‘ends by consent’’ after the Paris Court of Appeals approved a divorce settlement. [...]

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What is a Settlement?

Personal injury actions proceeding through the Court system can take many months or even years, but most personal injury cases never reach Court at all. Instead, Solicitors will often strive to settle a case in most instances, depending on the details of the case, out of court. A settlement can also mean that one can avoid [...]

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What is a Solicitor?

so·lic·i·tor/səˈlisitər/ Noun: A person who tries to obtain business orders, advertising, etc.; a canvasser. The chief law officer of a city, town, or government department. Sean O'Brien is the founder and partnet of a team of solicitors in Tallaght; but what exactly is a solicitor, what do they do and how can they help you? [...]

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