Second Tesla involved in fatal crash was in autopilot mode

US electric car maker Tesla has said that one of its vehicles was under the control of its Autopilot software when it crashed on a California highway two weeks ago, killing the driver. The disclosure on Friday marks the second confirmation in less than two weeks of a fatal accident involving a car that was [...]

Soldier awarded €80k for injuries sustained when parachute failed to open

A soldier whose parachute failed to open properly on his first training jump, has been awarded €80,000 in damages for injuries sustained because of the Army’s negligence. The soldier suffered a severe fracture dislocation of his ankle, and could no longer serve as a front-line soldier due to this injury. Mr Justice Bernard Barton found [...]

An accident at Sellafield could wipe out Ireland’s food and tourism industry

A BBC investigation has uncovered a catalogue of safety concerns at the UK's most hazardous nuclear site. Panorama found parts of Sellafield regularly have too few staff to operate safely and that radioactive materials have been stored in degrading plastic bottles. The programme was told that parts of the facility are dangerously rundown. Sellafield says [...]

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When a car ‘crash’ isn’t an ‘accident’ — and why the difference matters

An "accident" is, by definition, unintentional. We accidentally drop dinner plates, or send e-mails before we're done writing them. The word also suggests something of the unforeseen — an event that couldn't have been anticipated, for which no one can be blamed. That second connotation is what irks transportation advocates who want to change how we talk about traffic [...]

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£10,000 payout for motor cyclist injured after farmer left mud on road

A teenager who was injured when she was thrown from her motorcycle after a farmer left a country road covered in mud has been awarded £10,000 compensation. Carrie Dickinson was 16 when the accident happened just a few miles from her home in Belton nearly two years ago. She had left college early and visited [...]

My farm accident recollection – Justin McCarthy

Very few of us have any right to throw the first stone when it comes to farm safety. At some point we have all had that sick feeling in the pit of the stomach or the cold shiver that instantly engulfs the body when we realise how close we were to something going wrong. Unfortunately, [...]

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Boating Accident Survivor Pushes Boating Safety

"This is where they put a rod in, obviously the one back here is where the blade cut across my arm," says April Wheeler, showing how much progress she's made over the last nine months. "Everyday I have to look at that and remember the choices you make and remember that day," she says. It [...]

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Discovery to make documentary on Sherpas killed on Everest

Following the mountain's deadliest disaster, many Sherpas have started descending from Everest Base Camp in a walkout, forcing companies to cancel their planned expeditions. The walkout is certain to disrupt a climbing season that was already marked by grief following Friday's disaster. Sherpa guides were hauling climbing gear between camps when a chunk of ice [...]

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Finding of Captain’s Fault Could Bear On SeaStreak Crash Injury Claims

A National Transportation Safety Board finding that captain error caused the Jan. 9, 2013, crash of the SeaStreak Wall Street commuter ferry could impact the ongoing litigation by injured passengers seeking recovery. The NTSB found, after a 15-month investigation, that the captain lost control of the vessel and that the risk of accident was heightened [...]

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