A teenager who was injured when she was thrown from her motorcycle after a farmer left a country road covered in mud has been awarded £10,000 compensation.

Carrie Dickinson was 16 when the accident happened just a few miles from her home in Belton nearly two years ago.

She had left college early and visited her dad Garry, in nearby Epworth, before leaving to drop off her bike at her grandmother’s house about seven miles away.

But mud left on the road, which is close to two local farmers’ fields, caused her wheels to lose grip and she lost control of the bike, resulting in her landing on her head and shoulder at the side of the road.

Although Miss Dickinson, now 18, was not knocked unconscious, she broke her collarbone, which required surgery, and suffered severe concussion, as well as cuts and bruises in the incident in October 2013.

Mr Dickinson was travelling just minutes behind his daughter, ready to collect her from her grandmother’s for a family weekend at Brands Hatch for the final of the British Superbike Championship, so was among the first on the scene and drove her to the local GP before attending Scunthorpe Hospital.

Hudgell Solicitors, who represented Miss Dickinson, alleged the farmer caused or permitted the highway to become or remain in a dangerous, defective condition, and a trap to anyone in that area, failed to fence, guard or warn Miss Dickinson of the hazard, and failed to remove the mud, causing injury, loss and damage.

Now, she has been awarded £10,000 compensation from the farmer’s insurers after they admitted a breach of duty in terms of leaving mud on the road.

Source: £10,000 payout for Doncaster teen injured after farmer left mud on road – The Star