A wheel flew off a pick-up truck straight into oncoming traffic. Car experts say, this accident could have been prevented.

It happened along I-64 Friday morning during rush hour traffic. Police say a tire flew off a pick-up truck and smashed the windshield of an SUV traveling in the other direction. They say the lug-nuts weren’t tightened on the tire. It’s something car experts say could have been avoided.

Steve Basham, Co-Owner of Steve and Stacey’s Service Center, says “it’s imperative on cars and trucks nowadays that the lugs be tightened to a tightness slightly below their ultimate torque.”

It’s something you can easily do at home. Bill Gallagher says he always makes sure his car is in good shape before heading on the road. “I usually check around the car everyday to make sure nothing’s happened. I have a torque wrench at the house where I check to make sure everything’s good and tight.”

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