Government expected to sign law for legal cannabis-based medicine

The Government is expected to sign new laws today paving the way for cannabis-based medicines to become legal in Ireland. The oral spray, called 'Sativex', has been launched in 11 countries (including the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany) and approved in a further 13. The legislation is likely to be signed by Minister of State [...]

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Crowd control: how Ireland can benefit from a sturdy crowdfunding market #legal

Legislative opportunities Crowdfunding is a way to raise funds for a project or venture by asking people (the 'crowd') for contributions, typically online. The gap in legislation presents a pitfall for both platforms and projects. "It also puts Ireland at a disadvantage in terms of encouraging new start-ups in the space and protecting investors," added [...]

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Call for law to ensure rights of single dads

The calls follow the tragic case of a catastrophically brain-damaged baby whose mother died shortly after giving birth and whose father had to seek court intervention to allow him give consent for the withdrawal of his child’s life support. Eamonn Quinn of the Unmarried and Separated Parents of Ireland said law reform to grant automatic [...]

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