Judge rules €25k payout for boy who split eyebrow at creché is inadequate

A judge has turned down as inadequate a €25,000 settlement offer A judge has turned down as inadequate a €25,000 settlement offer to a five-year-old boy who lacerated one of his eyebrows in a fall at a Co Dublin crèche. Samantha Cruess Callaghan, counsel for the young boy, told the Circuit Civil Court that he, [...]

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Jerry Lee Lewis caught up in family legal battle

Jerry Lee Lewis caught up in family legal battle. Jerry Lee Lewis’ daughter, Phoebe Lewis-Loftin wants her famous father to have a psychological examination because she thinks his wife is plying him with drugs. Phoebe Lewis-Loftin has filed documents asking for a court-ordered psychological test to determine if the ‘Great Balls of Fire’ singer is [...]

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€35k court award costs over €2m in legal fees 

He found Nualtra had infringed NutriMedical’s trademark in relation to the nutritional supplement drink Nutriplete. The drink is only sold to medical professionals and not directly to the consumer. Nualtra marketed its drink under the name Nutraplen with very similar visual and aural marks and with a limited conceptual similarity, the judge found. Nualtra renamed [...]

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Legal costs in Ireland are now highest in western world

The payment of massive damages to the victims of medical negligence has become a familiar story from the Four Courts in recent years. Earlier this month, for example, a disabled boy who suffered brain damage at birth was awarded €13.5 million. What attracts less attention are the legal costs attached to such claims and the [...]

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