We are at debt risk because Germany hasn’t learnt its lesson

Contrary to the popular myth, Hitler was voted into power in Germany because of deflation, not inflation. Hitler was elected in 1932, following three years of deflation – the consequence of restrictive polices after the great crash in 1929. In contrast, inflation – often quoted as being responsible for Hitler’s victory – peaked in Germany in [...]

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“Common Law Marriage” myth needs addressing

A survey of MPs  in the UK has revealed that 69% of Parliamentarians agree there is a mistaken belief in the existence of “common law marriage” among their constituents, and that 57% believe the law needs to be changed to provide greater protection for unmarried couples upon separation. New polling shows 7 in 10 Parliamentarians [...]

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Health & Safety Obligations for Irish Employers

Health and safety in the workplace in Ireland places very onerous obligations on employers. Health and safety law in the workplace derives from Common law and Statutory regulation.   Under common law there is a general duty of care owed by employers to their employees. Regardless of any piece of legislation such as the Safety, [...]

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