Judge Linnane told barrister John Nolan, counsel for Ms Whelan, that the court had found her evidence of the December 2017 accident far more compelling than that of two witnesses for Electsol Services Ltd which had claimed she had driven at speed into the back of its cherry picker van which was being used in the repair of street lamps in Dunne Street.

The 25-year-old model, who lives in Clonshaugh, Dublin, told the court she had stopped behind the cherry picker which had been partly blocking the street and was shocked when she saw its reversing lights come on and move backwards.

“I was screaming and pumping the horn but it kept coming and crashed into the front of my car,” Ms Whelan said. “My right arm was fully extended and firmly on the steering wheel as I pumped the horn with my left hand. When it struck my car, my arm was pushed back, injuring my right shoulder.”

Ms Whelan said there was nothing else she could do when she saw the reversing lights come on. She said she had been involved in two previous car accidents which had settled for €12,500 each.


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