Palestinian politician plans to pursue a defamation case against Facebook in the High Court in Dublin.

Mohammed Dahlan, who once served as an adviser to Yasser Arafat, has turned the focus of the case to Ireland after ending legal proceedings in the High Court in London on Monday.

Dahlan took legal action against the British-based publication Middle East Eye over an article which he claims made a number of false allegations about him. 

Dahlan is a well-known political figure in the Middle East and previously served as a key leader of political party Fatah, formerly the Palestinian National Liberation Movement, in Gaza.

His lawyers told they “discontinued the action” in London “because our client was satisfied with the information we had learned throughout the course of the litigation”. The case did not go to trial.

However, David Hearst, Middle East Eye’s editor-in-chief, said the discontinuation of the case amounts to their journalism being “fully vindicated”.

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