Just because you can’t see their condition, it doesn’t meant they aren’t dealing with a whole range of symptoms every day. Our weekly series speaks to a different person with a different condition every week to see what it’s like to live with an illness or disability that you can’t see. This week, we’re talking to Donna Siggers, 47, from Southminster, Essex, who suffered a brain injury in 2014 after she was brutally assaulted while at work. She was punched in the head six times, and the back of her head was slammed against a wall. It has caused a range of conditions including seizures, double vision, constant head pain, memory loss, vertigo, complex post traumatic stress disorder and claustrophobia. Initially, she thought she was fine. She went back to work a few days later, and said the concussion sent her into shock and denial. However, she started to realise that she was experiencing worrying symptoms and saw a doctor.

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