The Court of Appeal said the mother’s moral obligation to the younger son took precedence over all other moral obligations.

Their mother died in 2001 nearly ten years after the death of their father, who originally owned the pub. Prior to his death, the father had divided up ownership of the pub between himself, his wife and the younger son who had given up his studies in horticultural college in 1970 at the request of his parents in order to run the pub.

When the father died, his share of the company which owned the pub passed to the mother who now had a 75% stake while the younger son had 25%.

In the meantime, the older son had left home at 17, received a university education and worked in various capacities around the world before returning to live and work in Europe where he also married and had two children.

The mother, in her will left her share in the pub to the younger son.

In his High Court proceedings, the older son argued their father, in his will had made proper provision for the children from largely the same estate left to his wife.

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