A woman who put her exhaustion and headaches down to divorce stress was horrified when doctors told her she was actually 48 hours from death from leukaemia.

So urgent was Kate Stallard’s case that she didn’t even have time to freeze her eggs before she began treatment that would render her infertile – meaning she gave up her chance of motherhood to survive.

Kate, 32, from Worcestershire had split from her husband, who she’d been with for 10 years and married to for 18 months, eight months before she was rushed to hospital in the middle of the night.

Living alone, she was trying to adjust to her new life as a singleton.

“It was a really stressful time, and very difficult to try and survive it all,” she said.

Determined to be positive, Kate started going to the gym more often and began working out with weights, hoping it would lift her spirits and give her more energy.

She also took comfort from the idea that time was on her side and, one day, she might still have children.

“One of the things that helped get me through my divorce was that I’m still young, so there was time to meet someone else and start a family,” she said.

But despite her best efforts, she still felt constantly exhausted, even having to pause multiple times for a rest when taking her dogs for a short walk.

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Source: Xpose.ie