Medical institutions in Ireland paid out more than €99 million last year for negligence, according to the Courts Service.

The Courts Service Annual Report reveals there were 50 cases of medical negligence in 2017.

The lowest amount awarded was €17,500, while the highest payout totalled €15 million, an increase of €6 million from 2016.

Overall, of the €206 million awarded for all personal injury claims, medical negligence accounts for almost half the total payout.

The report shows that of the 665,000 new matters before the courts, there have been huge increases in defamation cases – up almost 85% – while European Arrest Warrants have jumped by 42% to 344 from 243 in 2016.

There has also been an increase in drug-related cases, from 20,000 to 23,000.

Continuing the trend from the last four years, women are more likely to apply for a divorce than men,with the rate of divorce has decreased slightly.

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