One of the Guinness heirs is By Anne Sheridan taking High Court action against a host of family members to settle property interests and arrangements of a trust held by the family.

Kieran Arthur Guinness, 69, who runs a stud farm in Co Westmeath, is taking eight sets of civil proceedings against more than 15 family members, including his older brother, the Honorary Finn Benjamin Guinness, 72, and a number of other siblings.

Speaking last night, Kieran Guinness said the case ‘isn’t acrimonious or controversial at all’.

‘My father set up the trust a long time ago and it needs to be updated. The trust has got a bit of property, and a dairy farm. It’s just a matter of rearranging things. It’s just changing some of the beneficiaries of the trust, and everyone is in full agreement.

‘We are all very close and there is no arguing about it. The action isn’t against anyone; it’s just rearranging things.’