Jolie reportedly still has over 50 percent of the custody for their six children, but it’s still a huge victory for Pitt who has managed to obtain the right to spend more time with the bunch than he used to.

‘The custody battle was long and arduous. and in the end, Angelina conceded a lot, mainly because she knew that she had few options otherwise, and she did not want to have to drag the kids into court and make it even more traumatic for them,’ the source explained to the outlet.

So Angelina’s main reason to sign the deal was to protect the kids from the already prolonged and very ugly legal battle.

At the same time, another source claimed that ‘Angelina’s actions have definitely been affected by how she has been portrayed in the media—she is acutely aware that she is being painted as the bad guy, and despite her pretense at being nonchalant, she actually really does care how she is perceived.’

Apparently, if it was up to her, Brad would have gotten zero time with the kids, but while he won this time, she is not going to let him enjoy it for too long.

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Source: Celebrity Insider