A Supreme Court appeal with implications for proceedings aimed at disinheriting the late Catherine Nevin has been fixed for July.


Before her death last month, the Supreme Court had agreed to hear an appeal brought by Ms Nevin over a finding that her conviction could be used in a proceedings taken by siblings of her late husband Tom Nevin aimed at disinheriting her and claiming damages for wrongful death.

Those proceedings, if successful, could affect the extent of the estate of the late Ms Nevin, who has left a will.

The Chief Justice, Mr Justice Frank Clarke, was told on Tuesday that the executrix of Ms Nevin’s estate is prepared to continue her appeal.

Mr Nevin died without leaving a will and his assets included the pub, jointly owned with his wife which she sold in late 1997 for IR£620,000, two Dublin properties, a IR£78,000 insurance policy and cash of IR£197,000.

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