The former boyfriend of Olivia Newton-John has reportedly been discovered after going missing 12 years ago.
Patrick McDermott, an American cameraman of Korean descent who was the on and off boyfriend of Olivia Newton-John, is alive and well in a small town in Mexico, according to New Idea.
Mr McDermott disappeared in 2005 while on a fishing trip. The then 48-year-old set off on the fishing boat “Freedom” from San Pedro Marina on 30 June but mysteriously disappeared, with personal items, including his wallet, left aboard.

While a US Coast Guard investigation released in November 2008 concluded Mr McDermott “most likely” drowned, the circumstances around his disappearance triggered speculation that he faked his own death. In 2009, investigators on Dateline NBC claimed Mr McDermott disappeared to avoid debts – including $8,000 he allegedly owed to his ex-wife for child support.
They later said they believed he was living in a boat off the west coast of Mexico.