The accident happened in Highland on the morning of October 3, 2012, when the plaintiff, Isabella Escamilla Sanchez, was six years old. Isabella attempted to cross 9th street mid-block to get to the bus stop where her school bus was en route to Bonnie Oehl Elementary School.

Isabella Sanchez has undergone extensive rehabilitation after she was struck by an oncoming car.
That’s when the driver of a Subaru Impreza struck the child causing catastrophic injuries that include a traumatic brain injury and fractures to her neck, arm, leg and pelvis.

The Sanchez family sued Durham School Services for failing to report and prevent mid-street crossings, which is a blatant violation of their own policies and procedures. It was a common practice for parents and students to cross 9thstreet mid-block directly in front of the Durham bus. All the parents with children at the same bus stop testified at trial that they never used the controlled intersection near the stop because they didn’t appreciate the danger and always crossed in the middle of the block. Parents testified that they frequently crossed the street in plain view of Durham bus drivers who never took steps to prevent this behavior.

The San Bernardino School District’s transportation director stated at trial that the drivers are the “eyes and ears for the school district” and that the district relies on drivers to report dangerous conditions at bus stops including unsafe mid-block crossings.

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