Birth injuries affect thousands of people each year. They can range from minor events, such as a bump or a bruise that causes discomfort and pain, to much more serious injuries that leave victims with a lifetime of medical problems and significant limitations. Unfortunately, a significant number of these Florida birth injuries are avoidable, and they only occur because a medical professional was somehow negligent during a woman’s pregnancy, labor, or delivery. For this reason, it is critical that every birth injury case is thoroughly reviewed by an experienced lawyer as soon as possible to determine whether medical malpractice played a role. Failure to do so can result in victims sustaining significant uncompensated losses and being time-barred from filing any claim they had by Florida’s medical malpractice statute of limitations.

Legal claims based on birth injuries caused by medical negligence can vary widely in terms of their value. In some cases, the recoverable damages may be nominal, while in others, victims are legally entitled to millions of dollars in compensation. The value of any claim that you or your child may have will depend on a variety of factors, including the severity the injuries involved, whether you were partially at fault for your accident and your or your child’s prognosis.

Original source: Legal Examiner Voices


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