Arm Torn Off In Accident
Eamonn McSweeney looks at the helmet which is split in two. This is the helmet he wore the day he was involved in a serious cycling accident in which he lost part of his right arm.

The father of two from Churchtown, Dublin, is a keen cyclist. During a training session with his local cycling club in May 2013, he was cycling downhill when his bike slipped on gravel.

“I was coming down a hill into Tallaght from Blessington. I was coming down around the corner on my bike and I saw gravel on the road.

“Hitting gravel on a road bike is like hitting ice in a car . . . I didn’t lose the bike straight away but I lost control and I knew it was going to be bad.

“I knew I was going to hit the barrier so I unclipped my feet from the pedals, and I tried to make it off the bike before crashing into the barrier but it didn’t quite work.

“My trailing arm got caught and snagged in the upright support of the crash barrier which you would see on mountain roads.

Source: Irish Times


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