Bobby and Rosie Powers launched Bloody Hell Hot Sauce in 2014 and approached the Ghostbusters star about a collaboration with his Crystal Head Vodka line. The Powers wanted to team up for a skull-themed Bloody Mary collaboration, but Aykroyd’s team reportedly fired off a legal letter accusing the British couple of trademark infringement as their bottle is in the shape of a skull.

They also requested the Powers destroy the 10,000 bottles they have already had made.

“I can’t believe this big company is trying to shut down a small family business on the Isle of Wight,” Bobby says. “They don’t just want us to stop selling our sauce, they want us to destroy absolutely everything. When I read the letter, I was physically sick. It’s so unfair. So many products are sold in skull bottles, and ours has nothing to do with their market.”

Source: TV3 Xposé