The 42-year-old cage fighter is furious after his ex-wife revealed earlier this week she has shown “disgusting” pictures and videos of him to her friends and believes that he is a victim of a revenge porn offence.

He told the Sunday People newspaper: “I have reported her. Enough is enough.

“After seven years of bullying, harassment and threats I’ve had enough. I’ve been persecuted and it has to stop somewhere.”

Alex claims 39-year-old Katie – who filed for divorce from him in January 2011 after just 11 months of marriage – has broken promises she made when they split by showing the footage to other people.

He added: “She has signed all sorts of things, admitted in front of lawyers and barristers and the law.

“She was someone I loved. She was someone I shared intimate things with. She has taken advantage of that.

“I believe she has flaunted it and broken it and I’ve basically had enough. I am ready to do this properly.”

Source: Sunday World