A GOLD Coast unit assistant is suing a television company for more than $325,000 after allegedly rolling his ankle while working on the set of a comedy series.

In a statement of claim lodged in the Southport District Court last month, Timothy John O’Bank alleges he injured his right ankle in September 2014 while loading a truck after wet weather on the set of ABC TV series Hiding at Palm Beach.

Hiding starred Stephen Curry and Kate Jenkinson.

Mr O’Bank, of Pacific Pines, is suing Sydney-based Playmaker Hiding SPV for $325,899 in damages.

The claim states it had been raining earlier in the day and the road was wet when a safety step slipped away.

“The plaintiff lost his balance and fell to the right, and as he placed his right foot on to the road he inverted his right ankle,” it said.

Mr O’Bank claims the production company was negligent and breached its contract with him by failing to identify the “foreseeable and not insignificant risk” the step could slip out from under him.

Source: News Mail