The sportswoman hit headlines on Thursday (29Jun17) when it emerged Jerome Barson had died on 22 June (17), two weeks after he was hospitalised with head trauma following a collision with Williams’ SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) in Palm Beach Gardens on 9 June (17).

According to a police report, Williams was found to be “at fault for violating the right of way of (the other driver)”, and Barson’s widow, Linda, who was driving at the time of the crash, has since filed a wrongful death suit against the athlete.

In the court papers, filed by the family’s attorney Michael Steinger, Williams is accused of failing to yield the right of way to the Barsons and speeding through a red traffic light, which resulted in the fatal collision and left the couple’s small Hyundai car “crushed”.

Barson is seeking an unspecified amount of damages in the lawsuit, which includes the loss of earnings, medical and funeral fees, as well as pain and suffering

Source: TV3 Xposé