A woman who went in to hospital for a routine day procedure but ended up losing eight pints of blood when an artery was torn has been awarded over €855,000 by the High Court, writes Ann O’Loughlin.

Mr Justice Kevin Cross said he accepted the expert evidence that Gina Van Amersfoorth’s pain and suffering is likely to persist for the rest of her life at its present level if not worsen.

Ms Van Amersfoorth, the judge said, had gone into hospital for a routine diagnostic procedure in June 2002 to establish why she was unable to get pregnant.

Unfortunately, Mr Justice Cross said, while she was under anaesthetic a surgical instrument called a trocar was inserted into her abdomen to allow telescopic examination but there was signficiant bleeding from a major blood vessel caused by the instrument.

The consultant obstetrician Dr John Corristine, the judge said, had torn a main artery in the woman’s pelvis and also punctured a vein and the assistance of a vascular surgeon was required.

Source: Irish Examiner