Every month there is an incident of a passenger being scalded on Ryanair flights, the Circuit Civil Court was told on Wednesday.

Cabin attendant Irene Haygir told Judge Jacqueline Linnane that there was no doubt but that Gráinne Dunworth had been scalded on a flight from Prague to Dublin in January last year.

Ms Dunworth (27), of Kilmihill, Ballingarry, Co Limerick, said she had been returning with friends from a trip to Prague and had asked a cabin attendant for a cup of tea. She alleged that when it had been placed on the table before her, the lid had not been properly secured and had fallen off when she lifted the cup.

She told her barrister Peter Clein that when she had lifted the cup from the table she had been startled when the lid popped off and she had dropped it, spilling the tea and scalding her abdomen and right thigh.

Ms Dunworth denied she had already added milk to her tea, had placed the milk sachet on the table and was about to drink it when it had fallen in her lap.

Ms Haygir said staff were specifically trained in the service of drinks and in her 10 years of service she had always ensured that the lid on hot drinks was securely in place before serving a passenger.

Source: Irish Times