Boorman, who hit the road with Ewan McGregor in the Long Way Down and the Long Way Round, was left in a wheelchair after a horrific crash in Portugal in February last year.

Recalling the accident he said: “I remember it all, I remember flying through the air heading towards the pavement and a brick wall and thinking, this is going to hurt- and it really did. I really hit the ground hard, I had fallen off my motorbike loads of times, but this was really bad. I remember trying to sit up and look at my leg and it was flopping around.

“There was a lot of blood and bones were sticking out of the skin – it was brutal. I was then thinking, ‘maybe I shouldn’t get up.’ Although all these people were crowding around me, and I remember telling them to give me 15 minutes, and I think I’ll be OK. It was like a progression, I noticed I had broken my left leg, and then I saw a dent in my right hand and thought, maybe that is broken. Then my right ankle started hurting and over the space of the period of an hour I then realised that was dislocated so I was thinking how much worse can it get.

“I had been overtaking a car on the left and it was early in the morning, so the sun was in our wing mirrors and she just made a last minute decision to turn left. It was bad timing- nobody ever wants to be involved in anything like that.”

Source: The Sun