Rushing to finish plastering a new house, he fell through a broken wooden plank and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

“When I woke up first, I didn’t know my wife, my family, didn’t know I had cows or a farm or what I had,” he recalls in an online video.

A positive attitude and the help of a loving family has helped pull him through, but he still laments the fact he wasn’t wearing a safety helmet when the accident happened.

“In over 40 years plastering, I never even cut a finger. We were plastering a gable-end house when the accident happened. We were putting up some scaffolding. My son was just passing up a second plank when the one I was standing on broke. I think I hit my head off a scaffolding bar but I’m not sure. I couldn’t talk. My speech is not as good as it used to be but I’m coping with that.

“The biggest mistake I made was that I was not wearing a helmet and we had three helmets in the van. We were rushing too much. If I had been wearing a helmet it wouldn’t have happened.”

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