Iggy Azalea’s ex-fiance Nick Young had a close call on America’s Independence Day holiday (04Jul16) after a firework exploded in his hand.

The basketball star was hosting a party at the Tarzana, California home he once shared with rapper Iggy, when the day turned into night and Nick decided to light up the sky overhead.

The fun almost turned into a disaster, however, when the host picked up a firework, which had already been lit, and set it off while holding it over his head.

Video footage of the incident, posted by a guest on Snapchat, shows partygoers gasping as a smiling Nick grabs the pyrotechnic device from the ground and proudly holds it up in the air – only to recoil as the firework explodes in his hand.

The clip was simply captioned, “Nick almost died”. Luckily, the sportsman escaped unharmed.

A similar silly stunt cost American footballer Jason Pierre-Paul a finger, while seriously damaging another digit on Independence Day last year (15).

The New York Giants defensive end released a public service announcement warning others about fireworks safety ahead of the holiday weekend. In the advertisement, Pierre-Paul recounted the explosion which changed his life, and hammered home the warning message by showing off his mangled hand on camera.

Source: Iggy Azalea’s ex Nick Young escapes fireworks accident