Texas Woman Driving GM Recalled Car Cleared In Death of Fiancé - WSJ
For many people, a serious crash is one of the most stressful and confusing events they will ever endure.  There can be painful and debilitating injuries that may require multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitation.  And, in the case of this recent accident, there can be the painful shock and heartbreak of losing a loved one in the prime of their life.

I recommend the following advice to improve the chances of recovering full and fair compensation for any injuries or losses sustained in a car crash:

Seek professional legal advice

Gain control of the situation, don’t allow the circumstances to take control.

The best first step to gaining control is to choose an experienced car accident lawyer. Most car accident personal injury cases, even minor ones, become very complex when you factor in the number of individuals involved, multiple insurance companies and multiple attorneys.  A seasoned trial lawyer knows how to handle car accident personal injury claims.  They will sort through a complicated accident, do the necessary investigations, complete and file the required paperwork, and aggressively pursue the liable parties to get you the compensation you deserve.

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