Phillipe Bianchi, father of former Marussia (now Manor) driver Jules who died due to injuries sustained in an accident during the Japanese Grand Prix in 2014, has explained why he and his family have taken up legal action on several Formula One stakeholders.

Bianchi questions whether the FIA investigation team were too closely linked with Formula One, and states that recent changes to Formula One safety regulations show that the incident that lead to his son’s death were avoidable. Bianchi also claims that several current Formula One drivers are too scared of the potential repercussions of speaking out about the incident.

The FIA panel, which included Ross Brawn, cited a number of factors that lead to the accident, but did not say any one in isolation was to blame. However their statement that Bianchi did not slow enough under the waved yellow flags is likely to have invoked the legal action from the drivers family.

Formula One drivers have demonstrated incredible respect for Bianchi, including tributes on helmets at the Monaco Grand Prix last weekend – the site of Bianchi’s best result as a Formula One driver – and the FIA have taken the step to retire his car number, 17.

Source: Bianchi Family explain legal action against F1 – RealSport