A judge has voided the sale of a former Catholic convent to a Los Angeles businesswoman, clearing the way for Katy Perry to purchase the hilltop property.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Bowick ruled that attempts to sell the property to the businesswoman by members of an order of elderly nuns were improper.

Katy Perry (Felipe Dana/AP)

Katy has sought to buy the hilltop property in the Los Feliz neighbourhood for $14.5 million (around £10.2 million) and to relocate an adjoining house of prayer used by priests. Her bid has the approval of Los Angeles’ archbishop but would have to be approved by the Vatican.

 The Roman villa-style convent sits on eight acres.

The Roar singer’s efforts to buy the aging hilltop home were stymied when some members of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary opted to sell the convent to entrepreneur Dana Hollister.

Hollister recorded a deed on the property, but Bowick’s ruling rescinds it. She had plans to turn it into a boutique hotel, which drew concerns from some neighbours.

Source: Ruling clears way for Katy Perry to buy hilltop convent