A carpenter working on the construction of Limerick tunnel in 2008 had two fingers cut off in an industrial saw and yesterday he began a High Court action.

“I took the plank and at this moment, I slipped, I lost balance, the surface was uneven, I stumbled on the uneven surface,” said Mr Jamroziewicz.

He told his counsel, Tom Creed, that his left hand went into the saw.

He said that, in the months after the accident, he felt angry and was unable to cope with what happened and began to drink to excess.

Mr Jamroziewicz said he managed to get some work in the years afterwards but tried to hide his left hand with the severed fingers. He said the prospect of work was initially unrealistic but he did return to work later.

Denis McCullough, representing the defendants, suggested the surface on which the saw was set was flat.

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