The former Liberty X singer decided to try out the latest must-have gadget which she and her husband Kevin Pietersen bought for their five year-old son Dylan.

However, after being on it for less than a minute she took a tumble and heard a ”crack” in her spine.

Appearing on TV show ‘Good Morning Britain’ today (10.03.16) propped up by crutches, she shared: ”This unfortunately was a hoverboard-related injury. I need to leave it to my five year old in future, that’s the lesson learnt! First and last time! It was the getting off. I’ve been for an X-ray and an MRI and I’m waiting to hear. I think maybe a little crack.”

Because of her injury, the ‘Just a Little Bit’ singer was unable to tackle an obstacle course as part of the programme’s Tough Mums event and was replaced by weather presenter Laura Tobin on the ITV breakfast show’s competition, which resembled the 10 signature hurdles on the Tough Mudder challenge.

Source: Jessica Taylor injured in hoverboarding accident