“Unfortunately it is not good,” this is what old Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo told journalists in Milan about the condition of multiple Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher, The Guardian reports.

Last Thursday, the former Ferrari boss mentioned briefly on Schumacher’s health condition to the reporters in Italy.

“Michael was a great driver, and we experienced a long time together in both our personal and professional lives,” Luca said. “But life is really strange. He was the most successful driver of Ferrari and in his career he had only one accident, in 1999. But unfortunately a fall in a ski accident has broken him.”

However, he declined to elaborate on what he meant about “not good.” BBC Sport also tried to reach Schumacher’s official spokesperson Sabine Kehm regarding Luca’s statement, but she refused to comment.

Full story at source: Michael Schumacher health update: Ex Ferrari boss says F1 champ’s condition is ‘not good’