A 12-year-old boy has achieved financial settlement of his claims against Ireland’s Health Service Executive stemming from birth injuries he is alleged to have sustained at Kerry General Hospital in March of 2003.

Jeremiah Daly and his mother had initiated a negligence lawsuit in which it was argued that the child’s delivery was poorly managed, leaving him with lasting disability and substantial, ongoing medical expenses.

Though the plaintiff’s future needs will be assessed by Ireland’s High Court in six years, he has received an interim settlement disbursement that is the equivalent of approximately 1.2 million Euro.

Details of plaintiff’s birth injury claims

According to the complaint in this action, at the time of the plaintiff’s birth, he was subjected to prolonged fetal distress of a very serious nature after his mother was admitted to the hospital’s labor and delivery unit. It is further argued that the baby’s delivery was unduly delayed, particularly in light of clear signs of distress and irregular heart rate tracings. In addition, the plaintiff asserted that excessive amounts of oxytocin underscored the complete mismanagement of the delivery process.

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