Yasmin Le Bon has broken her shoulder after being tossed off a motorised rickshaw in India where she was competing in a 350-mile charity trek for endangered animals.

The supermodel was travelling on a motorised rickshaw in central India as she geared up for a 350-mile charity trek, but the vehicle hit a pothole causing her to sustain the injury as she was thrown onto the road.

A source said: ”It was quite frightening. The roads aren’t quite what we are used to and the tuk-tuk hit a hole and sent them flying out.

”Yasmin was quite badly hurt. She broke her shoulder and was in quite a lot of pain.”

The 51-year-old star – who was one of the highest earning models in the 1980s – was taking part in an event called Travels to My Elephant to raise money for the protection of endangered animals with her 26-year-old daughter Amber when the terrifying incident occurred.

However, the disaster – which happened on the second day of the race – brought an end to their efforts even though they raised £25,000.

The source explained: ”Amber was OK and came through with barely a scratch.

”Organisers decided that due to the seriousness of the injury it was best for Yasmin to fly home and they had to quit the race.”

Source: Yasmin Le Bon breaks shoulder in tuk-tuk accident