It is not news that vaccinations, although they can be beneficial, cause side effects for some people.

You might be surprised to learn, however, that since 2011, the government has paid about $18 million to 112 “Sirva” victims.  “Sirva” means “Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration.”  In other words, the contents of the vaccine were not at issue in these claims, it was instead how the vaccine was administered to the person compensated.

Twenty more claims are pending and dozens are being reviewed by lawyers as there are an increasing number of immunizations and more awareness about “Sirva.”

Three women were among those featured in a recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article about “Sirva” cases.  A 39-year-old registered nurse from Louisiana was awarded $1 million in 2012 based on a “Sirva”  injury she claimed resulted from a flu vaccine administered in 2010.  A 52-year-old emergency room doctor from Indianapolis received $92,500 in 2014 in a “Sirva” case reported after a flu shot in 2012.   A 77-year-old retired housekeeper from Pennsylvania, filed a claim after experiencing excruciating pain following a flu immunization in 2012.  She was awarded $75,000 in 2014 after her doctor had told her that her shoulder pain could not be related to receiving the shot.

Source: Injury From a Flu Shot Could Mean Compensation – Legal News – Ohio