When building a personal injury claim case, documenting your case is extremely important. Collecting these important facts will help corroborate your claim and maximize your recovery. Here are some of the details that matter most:

How the Accident Occurred

You will need to document how the incident occurred. Start by filing a garda report, and by writing down every detail about how the accident happened. Be sure to get names and contact information from any witnesses present. You will also want to photograph or preserve physical evidence, including pictures of the vehicle showing the severity of the impact and the extent to which you were injured.

Accident-Related Medical Care

Be sure and obtain timely medical care and document your treatment fully and honestly. Never misrepresent or exaggerate the extent of your injuries to your health care providers, but don’t minimize your injuries either. Fully document all your medical expenses, and if you have a permanent impairment or reasonably projected future medical expenses, ask you doctor to document this in writing. Don’t settle your claim until you have reached maximum medical improvement and your doctor has released you, in writing, from any further treatment.

How the Accident Has Affected Your Life

Part of your injury claim involves how the incident and your injuries have changed or affected your life, commonly known as pain and suffering. Document your pain, limitations, and how the accident has left you unable to do things you used to enjoy, such as participating in sports, hobbies, and other activities. If you can no longer perform the work you used to do because of the injury, document this as well as any retraining you may have had to do.

Documenting your claim shows that you are being totally honest about your damages and demonstrates that you are not trying to recover anything that you are not entitled to. Being as credible as possible will help you recover maximum damages for your injuries – exactly what you deserve.

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This article appears courtesy of the Baltimore Legal Examiner – Baltimore, Maryland