Alanna Casement ripped an artery when she landed on top of the bike and the handlebar gouged into her leg.The 12-year-old suffered massive blood loss in the aftermath of the crash on a wooded trail in Castlewellan Forest Park in Co Down, Northern Ireland, last July.

Without the response of her friend’s dad Raymond Rice, local police officers, paramedics and the crew of a police helicopter who flew her to hospital, doctors believe Alanna may not have survived.

One year on, the schoolgirl said thanks to all those involved at a special event in Belfast to acknowledge the efforts of those who gave first aid.

The pupil also got to take another trip in the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) helicopter – though in much happier circumstances.

“It’s just really a huge thank you to every single one of them who participated in me being here today,” she said. ”I can’t really thank them enough for it. They helped me be here today.”

Source: 12-year-old who almost died in freak accident is reunited with those who saved her | Irish Examiner